Backup Systems
Safeguarding your business information

Our partner in providing secure server housing is Hansen Technologies Ltd, an Australian-owned publicly listed company that operates data centre facilities in Sydney and Melbourne.

Our clients' information is securely housed in an environment within a Hansen Technologies data centre that has:

  • Type 1 Computer Room certification as per standard AS 2834-1995
  • Multi-carrier communications facilities with fully redundant self-healing high-speed network services. 
  • Multiple levels of security and specialised access control.
  • Dual high-capacity uninterruptible power supplies.
  • Dual back-up diesel generators.
  • Redundant climate control systems.
  • VESDA early warning system.
  • Dry-pipe sprinklers.
  • 24 hour surveillance and CCTV monitoring.


If you have any queries regarding our security measures, please send an email to . 


"No matter what happens to your computers or premises, we'll keep your vital business information secure and available."

Take control with our simple user interface:
Client software for configuring backups.

Secure web login to view backups and recover data.

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