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We use a formal methodology to ensure consistent planning and performance across all our backup and restoration activities.

SABRE provides our clients with a comprehensive checklist of activities to follow for data backup and restoration.

SABRE is used to manage the distinct backup types :

Operational backups for routine, day-to-day recovery.
Disaster Recovery backups for recovery from a substantial disruption, ranging from loss of a single disk drive to an entire data centre or business premises.
Archival Retention backups for long-term protection of data which may be required at some time in the future for legal, regulatory, tax or business reasons And is equally applicable to on-site backups and web-based backups.
SABRE stands for :
Survival Rating Establish exactly what information is crucial to the ongoing survival of your business.
Analysis Plan the backup to provide the required level of security and efficiency.
Backup Perform and log the backup activities.
Restoration Perform periodic test restoration of data.
Evaluation After restoration, evaluate the restoration result to improve the analysis, backup and restoration procedures.

SABRE Evaluation Table :
Evaluation Item

Success Criteria

Remedial Action if not

Data recoverable Was ALL the backed up data recoverable? Urgent review of entire process.
Data applicable Was the recovered data sufficient to re-start the selected business process? Re-Visit the analysis.
Speed of restoration Was the restoration process carried out in a short enough time to meet business requirements? Re-evaluate backup media and processes.
Availability of remote data Was data held off-site easily located and obtained in a timely manner? Re-evaluate off-site data access/storage processes.
Version accuracy Was the correct version of backup information restored (i.e. the most recent time and date)? Re-evaluate the restoration process.
For more details on the SABRE methodology, and how it can help you manage your data backup and restoration activities, contact us.
SABRE is applicable to stand-alone PCs, networks and complex multi-computer systems

"No matter what happens to your computers or premises, we'll keep your vital business information secure and available."

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