Backup Systems
Safeguarding your business information

How does the BUS secure online backup system work ?

The BUS service provides secure offsite storage for your important computer data in a Type 1 data centre.

When you subscribe, an accredited BUS technical specialist visits your site to review your backup security requirements, and install and configure the secure backup software on your computer or server.

You can then configure the backup to cover all your vital business data, and set the schedule and features of the backup process.  The technical specialist tests and validates the system, and encrypts and copies your initial data set for loading into the BUS data centre.

Then (usually nightly), the secure backup software encrypts your specified data, and transmits it to the BUS Type 1 data centre over a secure web connection. 
This communication uses your own ADSL/cable internet connection.

Daily, you are sent an email outlining which files have changed in your backed-up data, and you have the ability at any time to log on to the secure BUS server to view backup activities and retrieve any data that you may have inadvertently deleted from your own PC.


"No matter what happens to your computers or premises, we'll keep your vital business information secure and available."

Take control with our simple user interface:
Client software for configuring backups.

Secure web login to view backups and recover data.

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