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Businesses We Serve

We serve clients of various sizes: ranging from professionals using a single notebook, through to organisations with servers and workstations across multiple locations.

If you use a single computer or run a complex network, then we have the experience to help safeguard your business information. PCs, servers, Windows-based machines, Apple Macs, Unix, Linux machines . . . we work with them all.

Industry Sectors

We work with clients in diverse industry sectors - anywhere that business managers place a high value on the information that drives their business.

If you are in :
  • ­ Financial and business services
  • ­ Manufacturing
  • ­ Real estate
  • ­ Franchising
  • ­ Software and web development
  • ­ Marketing and advertising
  • ­ Health care
  • ­ Energy

then we have clients with information security requirements similar to yours.

What our clients say about us

“I would recommend Backup Systems to anyone that needs to ensure their mission critical information is safely replicated. Customer service walked me through the entire setup procedure and I found that ‘it just works’. I no longer even think about having to perform backups, I just know the latest information is available any time I need to recover it.”
Software development company

“We have been using BUS for over a year now and couldn’t speak highly enough of them. Response has been prompt even well outside business hours – it has felt more like an internal resource than a third party. BUS has very affordably allowed our growing company the greatest IT security from day one – the security provided would not have been affordable any other way. We have confidence in highly recommending Dave Shearer and the team at BUS.”
Retail chain

“The Backup Systems team have been courteous, helpful, reliable and very responsive. I now don’t have to worry about "losing data" if the building burns down, computers are stolen or destroyed in some way. I know that my business will be able to continue to operate if some adverse problem occurs. This is extremely reassuring. With my business issues of confidentiality are paramount and all my queries regarding such issues have been addressed. I am confident that I have a confidential back up of all crucial data in my business.”
Health management company

“As programmers, source code is our lives. If we lose code, hours of work are wasted. Backup Systems not only provides daily backup of code but a seven day incremental backup which means we can revert back to the previous version of a project whenever needed. Retrieving files is a breeze - what’s great is you can download anywhere you are.”
Web developers

"As a management consultant, I use a large number of report and graph templates, standard spreadsheets and reference documents. Using Backup Systems, I know my documents are safely stored and the latest versions are available when I’m at client sites.

The backup service has worked without failure, and I have received excellent technical support in setting up my account and finding out the best way to organise my documents so they can be easily managed."
Management consultants

“Backup Systems have been exceptionally responsive whenever I have had a query or an issue to resolve. I have had no major technical crises however once again, whenever I have had a query I have received a prompt reply. Having off site data backup that I don't have to worry about has given me and my business great peace of mind. I have had to retrieve information on one occasion and this proved easy to access. This service has proven to be a cost effective addition to our business saving time and providing a measure of comfort that everything is happening as it should - by receiving daily backup reports.”
Diagnostic practice

“We have been using Backup Systems for the past 6 months, and we have been extremely happy with the service. I had been looking for a remote backup service for some time; as our systems are based on the Apple Mac OS X operating system, and other suppliers of such services were unable to support us. When I learnt about Backup Systems, I spoke to them on the phone, and a representative came out to my office within 2 days. He had no trouble taking copies of my files, and setting up my computer (and the BUS system) to get the nightly backing up process started.

Since then, the system has worked seamlessly for us. We have had a couple of issues, some from my end, which they have resolved very quickly and efficiently. The fact that backups are rotated over a 7 day period means that even if 1 or 2 days get missed (due to my being away, for example and the computer has crashed) gives me considerable comfort.

The Backup Systems people have also been responsive in responding to suggestions for improving their systems and services. For example, the ability to remotely access my files from another computer was an unexpected bonus.

The cost of Backup Systems' service is very reasonable, given the peace of mind it provides. I have never been very good at backing up and have often encountered technical and reliability issues with the various local backup systems on the market (software, tape drive, hard drives, etc), plus the prospect of a fire, burglary or other event in my offices has meant that I've never felt entirely happy about a local backup service. Knowing that my files are being backed up to a remote location, every night, without me having to think about it or do anything is a great relief.

I've recommended Backup Systems to a number of colleagues and other small businesses, and will continue to do so.”
Public relations / media company


"No matter what happens to your computers or premises, we'll keep your vital business information secure and available."

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