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Safeguarding your business information

The complete, fully-managed filing and control system for your documents, drawings, spreadsheets, graphics, web pages and all your digital files.

Whether deployed at your premises or in the Backup Systems data centre, BUS-DM is designed for fast, simple implementation - system access is via a standard web browser or directly through a wide range of software applications. As a fully web-based tool, the Document Manager operates across corporate LANs, WANs, as an extranet or as a secure site accessed via a virtual private network.

With the BUS Document Manager, you can:

Manage your files and projects
- all fully tracked and audited

Documents are fully managed with access rights, location, properties (meta data), workflow stage and version history. Setup is simple – with all file information automatically developed from your original file tree structure.

According on their access rights, individual users can check-out files or projects, edit properties and meta-data, roll back to previous version(s), update version narratives and create/update/edit/delete the workflow.

Simple administration tools manage user accounts and group membership, folder and access permissions, meta-data permissions, version control rules, workflow rules, and audit settings and logs.

Index and search

The DTSearch™ search engine provides powerful indexing tools and searching methods including: stemming, fuzzy searching, phonic searching, synonyms
(standard and user defined), date ranges and user defined meta-data fields.

Control document flow

Upload and download documents via an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.
Depending on access rights, you can: upload and download files, edit documents, modify meta-data, use the check-in / check-out facilities and take on workflow roles for reviewing, approving and releasing documents.

Secure and backup your data

Detailed security audit logs are maintained for all activities. Document management is fully integrated with the BUS Online Backup system for local backup (if deployed at your premises) and off-site backup at the BUS secure data centre.

If you need a fully featured, cost effective, secure method for managing your company’s digital documents, and you value:

ü Fast and easy setup

ü Minimal staff training requirement

ü Choice of local or data centre hosting

ü Local system development specialists and support

ü Fully integrated backup and security

ü 24 x 7 help desk

ü Single cost deployment across multiple sites

ü Complete setup consulting

ü Hands-on local training

ü Partnership with one of the largest Australian IT data centre operators

then contact us now for a no-obligation trial of the BUS Document Manager


"No matter what happens to your computers or premises, we'll keep your vital business information secure and available."

Take control with our simple user interface:
Client software for configuring backups.

Secure web login to view backups and recover data.

BUS Document Manager (BUS-DM)

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