Backup Systems
Safeguarding your business information

The complete, fully-managed internet-based backup service. You can now store and archive your data on high-reliability servers located at our secure data centre.

You can secure the information from single laptops and PCs, small business networks and larger corporate networks dispersed across multiple sites.

BUS Secure Online Backup runs under Windows, Mac and UNIX/Linux operating systems, on datasets of 20GB up to a massive 1TB!   And the system can accommodate even larger datasets if required, and the need to back up live databases and email systems.

You can choose from a range of backup and archiving strategies to meet your operational requirements: e.g. a single backup strategy where each backup overwrites the last one; seven by one day rotating backups, twelve by one month rotating backups, annual backup; etc.

With the BUS Secure Online Backup, you can:

Protect and archive your valuable business information

You configure the backup to cover data that is important to you, and set the schedule for the backup process. When the secure backup process is scheduled to run, usually nightly, the software encrypts your data, and transmits it to the BUS data centre over a secure web connection. The communication uses your own ADSL/cable internet connection.

Know the status of your backups

Every day, our monitoring systems sends you an email outlining which files have changed in your backed-up data, as well as a detailed view of your upload statistics. You also have a direct logon to the secure BUS server to view backup activities and to retrieve any data you wish to restore.

Be assured of qualified support

Backup Systems administrators review all backup transaction logs daily, and contact you if your backup process is incomplete, fails or produces unexpected results. In the event of a major data loss, Backup Systems will express courier your data to you.

Replace your tapes and local storage media

Save money and improve backup reliability by removing backup tapes and tape handling equipment from your backup processes. Avoid relying on staff to manually configure and run backups on memory sticks, CDs and DVDs.

If you need a fully featured, cost effective, secure method for backing up and archiving your business data, and you value:

ü Fast and easy setup, with automatic operation

ü Minimal staff training requirement

ü Ongoing monitoring by our system administrators

ü Local system development specialists and support

ü Fully integrated backup and security

ü 24 x 7 help desk

ü Single cost deployment across multiple sites

ü Complete archiving service

ü Daily status emails

ü Partnership with one of the largest Australian IT data centre operators

then contact us now to see how the BUS Secure Online Backup can work for your business.


"No matter what happens to your computers or premises, we'll keep your vital business information secure and available."

Take control with our simple user interface:
Client software for configuring backups.

Secure web login to view backups and recover data.

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